Research confirms: EPS is eco-friendly


Insulation research confirmed: EPS (= Porozell, Styropor, airpop) is ecological!

The ifeu (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg) and natureplus evaluated the most common insulation materials, particularly with regard to possible future disposal routes for the insulation materials (from the "cradle to the grave") in the project "Holistic evaluation of different insulation alternatives". EPS (= Porozell, Styropor, airpop) has achieved excellent results in panel applications, such as in the thermal insulation composite system. Integrated into a recycling economy, EPS has an ecological unique selling proposition. The homogeneous material - without binders or support fibres - is difficult to top in its reusability. The study was presented on 21 February 2020 at BauZ!, the Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building.

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