Products made of EPP

Our EPP product range

EPP stands for expanded polypropylene. The expanded beads are 96 % air. Therefore EPP is particularly environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. EPP is a real problem solver for challenging material properties, design and the feasibility of ideas. The low weight is an advantage for handling along the entire supply chain.

Food packed in EPP stays fresh longer, which means less food waste. The mechanical properties of EPP enable repeated and long-term use - both indoors and outdoors.

Super lightweight!

As the expanded beads consist of 96% air, the material is particularly lightweight.

Super environmentally friendly!

EPP is 100% recyclable, so EPP stands for sustainability!

Super strong!

EPP does not lose its excellent properties even after multiple loads, making it one of the most durable lightweight materials.

Brochure of EPP products (only available in German)
The HIRSCH Servo Group

The HIRSCH Servo Group, with headquarters in Austria and 25 other manufacturing facilities in Central, East and South-East Europe, is an international company with core competencies in using EPS (expandable polystyrene), a highly versatile material. 

Our products have wide-ranging applications including packaging, insulation, shaped-molded parts for industrial use and custom solutions. Top quality, reliability, perfect logistics and a high capacity for innovation are our hallmarks.

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