Pool system blocks made of EPS

Pool system blocks made of EPS

The HIRSCH Pool system blocks made of EPS enable swimming pool construction without the need for costly boarding, plastering and insulation. Although light as a feather, our double density system blocks have a very high pressure-resistant layer on the inside of the pool and are therefore particularly robust. Under certain conditions, it is possible to fill the system blocks with ready-mixed concrete using a pump up to a pool height of 200 cm. For built-in parts, the EPS system blocks can be easily cut to size with a knife or saw.  

HIRSCH Double Density Blocks

- IGLU Combi

- Partner Stone Massive

- Clamping Rebate Base Plate Combi 

HIRSCH IGLU 2000 Blocks

- IGLU 2000 Straight Block

- IGLU 2000 Round Arch Block

- Clamping Rebate Base Plate

HIRSCH Power S Blocks

- Power S Straight Block

- Power S Round Arch Block

- Clamping Rebate Base Plate

HIRSCH Polyline XXL Blocks

- Polyline XXL Straight Block

- Polyline XXL Round Arch Block

- Clamping Rebate Base Plate

Benefits of HIRSCH Pool System Blocks

Low-cost completion

Tread-resistant clamping-rabbet panels

Pool blocks can always be installed offset

Easy installation of the pool technic equipment

Round arch blocks for individual pool shapes

Good isolation features

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The HIRSCH Servo Group

The HIRSCH Servo Group, with headquarters in Austria and 25 other manufacturing facilities in Central, East and South-East Europe, is an international company with core competencies in using EPS (expandable polystyrene), a highly versatile material. 

Our products have wide-ranging applications including packaging, insulation, shaped-molded parts for industrial use and custom solutions. Top quality, reliability, perfect logistics and a high capacity for innovation are our hallmarks.

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