An initiative of the HIRSCH Servo Group to make the world a more conscious place.

Collect clean packaging or construction EPS (produced as of 2016) and place in the free HIRSCH:REuse bags.

We regularly pick up the filled HIRSCH:REuse bags by appointment and bring them to our plant in Glanegg free of charge.

We recycle the EPS and give the valuable raw material a new new life as an efficient HIRSCH insulation product.

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You have questions or would like to order the free HIRSCH:REuse bags?

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E: office.thermozell@hirsch-gruppe.com
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The HIRSCH Servo Group

The HIRSCH Servo Group, with headquarters in Austria and 29 other manufacturing facilities in Central, East and South-East Europe, is an international company with core competencies in using EPS (expandable polystyrene), a highly versatile material. 

Our products have wide-ranging applications including packaging, insulation, shaped-molded parts for industrial use and custom solutions. Top quality, reliability, perfect logistics and a high capacity for innovation are our hallmarks.

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