True to our motto of Expanding with Ideas we are always open to ideas, which are then often put into practice in collaboration with customers, suppliers, and employees.  

To secure a leading role in the industry and continue to expand it in the long term, our operations are based on reliability and treating one another with honesty, fairness, trust, and respect.  We attach great importance to teamwork with a view to optimizing all the target-oriented processes and thus focusing on the customers' needs in every respect.

We make use of the 45 years of expertise in EPS and EPP processing in order to produce high-quality products and services, and promote cooperation to satisfy customers as well as possible. At the same time we are dedicated to cost efficiency and respecting the environment.  Long-standing industrial experience has enabled us to gain an extensive knowledge of material properties and application engineering, which gives rise to continuous progress in developing and producing innovative product solutions. Economical use of raw materials is equally important to us, which shows that we take our responsibility towards environmentally friendly value added seriously.

We consistently pursue the goals we set ourselves, are committed to continuously improving and promoting quality and environmental management systems, and take all the applicable legal requirements and compliance regulations into account. The fact that our views are so innovative and the actions we take are subject to ongoing evaluation processes ensure our continued existence by generating long-term profits, and creating and safeguarding jobs.

The HIRSCH Servo Group

The HIRSCH Servo Group, with headquarters in Austria and 19 other manufacturing facilities in Central, East and South-East Europe, is an international company with core competencies in using EPS (expandable polystyrene), a highly versatile material. 

Our products have wide-ranging applications including packaging, insulation, shaped-molded parts for industrial use and custom solutions. Top quality, reliability, perfect logistics and a high capacity for innovation are our hallmarks.

Production Network